Rodrigo MartinezCo-founder @ FYI.TO

Chilean serial entrepreneur Rodrigo Martinez has been building companies and exiting them via trade sales since the early 1990’s in South America. Specialising in B2C exits and Internet enterprises, Martinez has a passion for building companies and helping young entrepreneurs. Martinez is credited with building and seeing two of Brazil’s largest Internet ventures – STI and hpG – without external funding.
He arrived in Singapore in April 2012 and was an early investor in local accelerator JFDI, as well as a founding member of Impact Hub Singapore.
Currently resident of the JTC Launchpad in Singapore, Martinez is focused on developing and building traction for ventures via his firm, Dikaios Internet Pte. Ltd., a B2C software venture builder. His latest venture is FYI.TO, a platform meant to enable the targeted curation and promotion of relevant content for personal and corporate brands.
An advisory board member at Kairos Society ASEAN, he is also known for building hpG and exiting it within an 18-month period, in a deal regarded as the largest internet deal of 2002.

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